Automation equipment includes POS-systems, POS-terminals, bar code equipment, electronic scales, label-printing scales, data collection terminals, labeling complexes, various POS-periphery, information kiosks. Specialized software solution for this or that activity has always been an important component element, connecting the work of all departments.

Software is a specialized product designed to expand the functionality of commercial equipment.

Front Office is a cash-register program.
The main purpose of the software proposed is to provide automatic identification of goods by using equipment for scanning the bar codes of goods, registering sales and accumulating information on the sale of goods.

NTS Front-Office is a software product designed to automate the cashier’s workplace at any retail outlets.
The software can be used by organizations and individual entrepreneurs for cash or non-cash payments in the sphere of trade and services as a means of mechanizing and automating of the input and processing of data on cash transactions.

Service Capabilities are the following:

HTS-Bon Appetit industrial program.
Allows to maintain a comprehensive accounting, being an open system with the ability to customize to the specifics of the enterprise quickly and to solve their own problems themselves.

NTS-Bon Appetit – is a software product designed to automate the workplace of waiters, cashiers in any related to the service sector enterprises, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, catering places in shopping and entertainment centers, as well as to keep quantity-counting of goods and form analytical reports.

Service Capabilities are the following:

Bon Commerce accounting program.
The program is designed to automate any type of commercial activity.

Bon Commerce – is created for automation of any kind of commercial activity, including automation of retail trade. Enables the enterprise to keep a comprehensive record: from upload of primary documents to building of management balance, while being an open system with the ability for quick customization to the specifics of the enterprise and problems solving using own resources.

Capabilities are the following: