The testing laboratory is a structural unit of the NTS ALC Company; it is officially recognized and technically competent in testing of electrical installations up to and above 1000 V.

The key activity of the laboratory is diagnostics of electrical networks and ventilation installations in the scale of an office, a building, a factory or a residential complex.
The specialists carry out analysis of project documentation, visual inspection and necessary tests.
When carrying out the tests, only the proven means of measurement and control are used, the test and auxiliary equipment undergoes periodic maintenance as well as appropriate testing and certification in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the Republic of Belarus.

The laboratory conducts tests in Gomel and Gomel region promptly, professionally and at reasonable prices in accordance with the accreditation certificate issued by Republican Unitary Enterprise “BSCA” (accreditation certificateNo. BY / 112 dated 26.12.2002. Validity of the accreditation certificate: from 04.07.2017. to 04.07.2022.). The staff has high qualifications, extensive work experience and performs their duties responsibly and professionally.Conducted tests make it possible to identify the areas of electric wiring and electrical installations that do not meet the requirements of the technical normative legal actsin time.

The testing laboratory of the NTS ALC carries out the following types of measurements:

  • Measurement of insulation resistance of power cable lines, power and lighting wirings and general electrical equipment;
  • Testing of the ” zero-phase” circuit in electrical installations up to 1 kV with dead ground of neutralwire;
  • Checking of the connection of grounding switches with grounding devices;
  • Measuring the grounding devices’ resistance;
  • Checking the operation of the protective shutdown devices (PSD);
  • Measuring the insulation resistance of medical devices;
  • Aerodynamic testing of ventilation systems.

Advantages of working with our company:

  • Reliability, objectivity and required accuracy of test results;
  • Efficiency and quality of work performed;
  • Testing at a high technical and organizational level;
  • Payment upon the fact of work performed;
  • Loyal pricing policy and flexible system of discounts.

The success of the company in this spherewas largely predetermined by the high level of preparation and responsible attitude of each employee. During this time, we have been working with our regular customers – such enterprises and organizations as: