Automated workplace

Dynamic development of the market, introduction of new modern technologies set fast pace of growth for enterprises.

The production, technological and testing facilities enable NTS to engage in innovative developments for the automation of large and small retail facilities, automate the operating process in public catering facilities, pharmacies, streamline inventory of goods and so on.

The NTS Company is certified in own production in accordance with international quality management system (ISO-9001-2009), has qualified personnel, high standards of quality in relations with clients.

We offer the right solutions that can lead Your business to new advances.

Choosing automation with equipment and software from the NTS, you get the following:

Cashier’s workplace in large retail establishments

Store Automation is multi-task, apart from software one cannot do without supply and installation of trading equipment, adjustment of exchange with the management accounting system.

POS-system based on the fiscal registrar Datecs НТС FP-700 with the package of applied programs “NTS Front Office”. The set includes the following peripheral equipment:

  • 10” LCD display for cashier;
  • Two-line display for the customer;
  • programmable keyboard (78 keys);
  • Electromechanical cash drawer Maken;
  • Multiband barcode scanner.

More information on the Datecs НТС FP-700 fiscal registrar can be found here.

Cashier’s workplace in small retail enterprises and itinerant trade events

For a small store it is enough to obtain a mini system cash register, which occupies minimum space of the unit, whereas it has sufficient functionality cash tasks fulfillment.

Nowadays, the most successful solution for a store of such kind is Sento – a system cash register with built-in software. All the information about sales is transferred from the register to the accounting program.

By connecting it to a barcode scanner and cash balances, one can get an optimal cashier’s workplace in a small store.

More information on the Sento Lan E cashier can be found here.

Cashier’s workplace in catering facilities

Automation of the restaurant, cafe and bars is a combination of innovative software and modern equipment.

Automation of a restaurant will allow the following:

Work on stock inventory and acceptance of goods

Warehouse is an important structural unit that affects the efficiency of the functioning of all processes in the enterprise. Complication of the work and increase in the storage capacity made it impossible to operate using simple warehouse accounting; today it requires automation.

Any automation of a warehouse is a system developed according to all the rules of logistics, which enables full control over the entire operation of the warehouse, thereby facilitating the control over all stock operations. Moreover, it allows you to execute orders quickly in just a few minutes, which increases the level of service.

Qualitative automation of a warehouse can be achieved by installing the necessary equipment, mastering certain programs and teaching employees to use all the sets of tools that provide automation of the warehouse.

Automation of work with weighing equipment with label printing

Scales with the function of printing of labels with a bar code are designed for marking goods. They are used in supermarkets and hypermarkets for packaging and further sale of goods at the cash register – that’s what is called automation.

What makes automation necessary? This is a simplification of work, and increase in the capacity of cash register. The seller from any department of the store labels and prepacks the goods, and then places it, or at the request of a client weighs the goods and pastes the barcode on – this is carried out in order to register the sale of goods quickly at the cashier. Conventional scales may have an interface connected to the POS-system and by means of them it is possible to transfer information about the weight of the goods directly to the POS-system. Commercial scales are used for small grocery stores with weighted goods, if they have a limited budget and low capacity.